Updated 6/4 5:15 p.m. with video:

Assembly candidate and former state CIO John Thomas Flynn announced he is holding a rally on Monday to promote “State Information Technology Community Appreciation Day.” Flynn says he will address the rally to oppose Governor Brown’s government reorganization plan that is proposed to eliminate the cabinet-level California Technology Agency, making it a department within a newly organized Government Operations Agency.

“There are some 8,000 state IT workers and several thousand technology company employees in metropolitan Sacramento without whom the State of California would virtually cease to function,” Flynn said in a press release issued on Thursday. “The Governor appears to understand the significance of Silicon Valley to the fortunes of California; but what he does not understand is the vital role state technology plays in delivering what are often life and death services to the people of California.”

The rally will be held on the South steps of the State Capitol on Monday, June 4 at noon. Read the announcement here.

Flynn is running for the 8th Assembly District representing the Sacramento area.

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