Composer Solutions

Composer Solutions is a market leader in automated Legacy Modernization and Business Rules Extraction solutions. We are experts in helping California government entities unlock the business rules in their legacy source code and know what they have before undertaking application replacement and modernization projects. Organizations turn to us for our approach that combines automated software with proven modernization project methodologies and expertise. Our solutions provide the building blocks for a successful, low risk and highly cost effective modernization of legacy systems. 

Our flagship suite of tools, Composer Advantage is comprised of Discovery and Assessment, On-Demand Documentation, Procurement Library, Business Rules Extraction and Automated Legacy Migration. Composer Advantage provides the critical foundation of information about your code that you need for application replacement, modernization or to confidently answer questions.

After using Composer Advantage, you know what you have in your application. You can then choose to store the information in the Procurement Library, extract and enhance the application’s business rules with our automated software or migrate and modernize the application. Composer Solutions provides the better information you need to make better decisions for better results.

State Contracts

State of California SLP*
State of CA - CMAS # 3-14-70-3076A