HyTrust was founded by veterans in enterprise infrastructure and security who recognized early on not only that virtualization and the cloud were going to dramatically transform the data center, but also that security would be a critical inhibitor to cloud adoption. The company also realized that protecting the three key attributes of workloads was vital for trustworthy multi-cloud security. The HyTrust mission is to mitigate the risk of catastrophic data center failure and data breaches, so organizations can confidently expand virtualization to mission-critical applications and take full advantage of the multi-cloud migration.


Headquartered in Mountain View, CA, HyTrust is backed by the leading providers of strategic IT infrastructure including VMware, Cisco, Intel and Fortinet; by the vanguard of innovative solutions for the intelligence community, In-Q-Tel, and by a world class group of financial investors including AVP Growth, Epic Ventures, Granite Ventures, Sway Ventures, Trident Capital and Vanedge Capital. 


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