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Pure Storage, the market’s leading independent solid-state array vendor, enables the broad deployment of flash in the data center. The company’s all-flash enterprise arrays offer significant performance and efficiency gains over mechanical disk, at a lower price point per gigabyte stored. Pure Storage FlashArrays are ideal for performance-intensive applications, including server virtualization and consolidation, VDI, OLTP database, real-time analytics and cloud computing.

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Large Established Storage Vendors No Longer Risk Free

I&O leaders can no longer rely on the assumption that it is safer to buy from established storage vendors when compared to new suppliers. This research describes what I&O leaders must do to benefit from changes in the storage industry.
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Evergreen Storage is Changing Customer Experience Expectations

This IDC white paper assesses the impact Evergreen Storage has had on the enterprise storage industry and discusses the technical, financial, and business implications of the program from a customer point of view.
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Guide: All-Flash Data Centers for Dummies Brought to You By Pure Storage

Are you considering the switch to all-flash storage? Read this Dummies book to learn: How to contain your storage costs Attain storage simplicity and manageability Ways to achieve scalability and agility Reasons you need all-flash storage
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White Paper: IT Transformation Trends: Flash Storage as a Strategic Asset by Pure Storage

For decades, enterprise storage has been widely viewed as—let’s face it—an important but largely commoditized IT necessity. After all, every application needs storage. But following a highly innovative period in the 1980s and ‘90s, advances in enterprise storage slowed to a crawl compared with other IT functions. In fact, storage vendors’ products all evolved to be quite similar in terms of capabilities.
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Future-Proofing Government: Staying Ahead of Big Data by Modernizing Your Storage Infrastructure

Government agencies need to find a solution to a problem that shows no signs of slowing: exponential data growth.
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