California legislators, staffers and lobbyists have relied on the daily file forever.  State capitol pros thumb through the official half-inch bound stack of pages to learn when hearings are scheduled and what bills are on deck. Previously, if you needed this information on the go, print was your only option — until now, with the launch of the Daily File Mobile App created by Folsom-based startup Apptology.


Rich Foreman, CEO, Apptology

“[The daily file] is a thick magazine that goes out on a daily basis, which in my mind you could do the same thing for a fraction of the price and have something that is actually useful for people because it would be available on their phones and you would not have to kill so many trees,” said Rich Foreman, the app’s creator and CEO of Apptology.

Foreman said he got the idea after visiting the capitol a couple of times after his company was nominated by Assemblymember Richard Pan as small business of the year.  He floated the idea around the buildQR_DailyFileing but didn’t get much interest, so he decided to move forward as an independent venture with the hope of sustaining the app through future advertising revenue.

“We actually came out with a product that’s more of an app, so you can have access to the daily file, but it has the complete roster, you can have video feeds…and you can take notes, so it becomes much more interactive,” said Foreman.

Joe Camicia, a veteran former legislative staffer who now runs a digital marketing and public affairs firm, said there is a growing demand for faster technology in government and more transparency in the legislative process.  For these reasons, he consulted with Foreman on the project with the hope that it will take off in the state capitol community.

The Daily File Mobile App is available for both iPhone and Android devices.   Use the above QR code to download the latest version.