CGI and Hewlett-Packard received 2014 Best Fit Integrator awards on Sunday for their work on public-sector IT projects in California.

The honor recognizes technology firms that tailor solutions to fit the unique needs of government. Firms are nominated by the public sector.

The eighth-annual awards were given at e.Republic’s Center for Digital Government’s Best Fit Integrator and Industry Leadership Awards dinner in Park City, Utah.

(Editor’s Note: e.Republic Inc. acquired Techwire in March 2014.)

Here’s what the Center for Digital Government has to say about the two companies’ award-winning work:

CGI Technologies & Solutions Inc.

Performance and Modernization Award in Finance and Administration

Partner and Project: California Enterprise Data to Revenue (EDR)

The California Enterprise Data to Revenue (EDR) Project has enabled the Franchise Tax Board to lay the foundation for modernizing California tax systems, generating additional revenue, and providing a higher level of transparency. This year EDR generated $934 million and by 2016, benefits are estimated at $1 billion annually.

Hewlett-Packard Company

Exceptional Service Award in Finance and Administration

Partner and Project: County of San Diego IT Chargeback Replacement Project

San Diego County’s new web-based IT chargeback management system, ITrack, provides cost analysis and reporting, cost budgeting, and total cost of ownership for IT – increasing fiscal stability, accountability, and transparency.  Savings are estimated to be approximately $850,000 annually.

For more information about the 2014 Best Fit Integrator Awards and a full list of winners, go to the Center for Digital website here.