BOE_MapThe California State Board of Equalization (BOE) has unveiled an online mapping tool for retailers to determine their tax rate, a move the board hopes will prevent consumers from being overcharged tax.

"Identifying the right sales tax rate in any given locale can be confusing for retailers as well as consumers, given the wide variety of rates applicable throughout our state,” Executive Director Cynthia Bridges said. “We are excited to offer this new, helpful online service to retailers."

To use the system, retailers simply enter their address to find the tax rate at their location, as well as the entire area where that rate applies.

The California state sales and use tax rate is 7.50 percent, but some cities and counties have voter-approved district rates in addition to the statewide rates.

Three-fourths of businesses in California do business in areas with a district tax, according to the BOE. The highest tax rate is currently 10.00 percent.