To help restore information and technology systems in the event of a city emergency, San Francisco is considering switching from a private data center located 3,000 miles away to a state-run facility located 100 miles away, according to a report by Budget Analyst Harvey Rose.

According to a recent article in The San Francisco Examiner, San Francisco’s recovery would improve under a proposed two-year, $270,834 agreement with the California Technology Agency for a backup data center in Rancho Cordova.

The agreement was approved Wednesday by the Board of Supervisors Budget and Finance Committee.

The Rose Report says that the current data center, operated by technology service company SunGard and located in Philadelphia, "does not provide sufficient safeguards to restore city information and communication technology services in a timely fashion following a natural or human-induced disaster."  The new agreement would end the eight-year agreement the city had with SunGard.

The new data center would initially provide recovery capabilities for the payroll system for the government workers and contractors in San Francisco, followed by the tech systems of other departments.