San Francisco mobile app start-up company Appallicious has released an app called Neighborhood Score, in which every neighborhood in San Francisco is rated using open access data and the information displayed in a heat map.

San Francisco mayor Edwin Lee formally announced the app at the 81st annual US Conference of Mayors during his Technology and Innovation Task Force panel. Lee has declared his support for open access data while mayor.

“Open data policies are a win-win for everyone involved, leading to more efficient government, greater transparency and better communication between residents and City leaders," Lee said at the conference.

The app is based on 20 open data sets from federal, state, local and private agencies, including the Home Facts Data Standard specific to San Francisco. The data is compiled into a 100-point rating score in several different categories, including public safety, public transportation access, school quality and crime rates. The app then displays a heat map to show how the different neighborhoods rank, down to the city block.

Neighborhood Score is capable of being customized to any city in the United States and is able to be licensed anywhere, as long as it has access to open data for that area. The app will be available for free download at Apple’s app store and is currently being developed for Android and web mobile.