The TechAmerica Foundation this week released its annual edition of Cyberstates, a state-by-state comparison of private-sector tech employment, wages and other economic indicators.

California led in with the highest average tech wage of $123,863 and the highest number of tech workers, with nearly 1 million.

"California remains a critical state for the technology industry," said Cyberstates author Matthew Kazmierczak in a press release.  "Of the 15 technology sectors that Cyberstates tracks, California led in 12 of the sectors.  As the tech industry employs some 7.8 percent of California’s private sector workforce, state and federal officials need to continue to provide an environment for technology to thrive.  This includes providing a strong foundation in STEM education and promoting tax and regulatory reform that makes the state a more business friendly location."

California figures:

Total Tech Jobs – 968,792
New Tech Jobs in 2012 – 17,700
Total Payroll $120 B
Average Tech Wage $123,863
Average Private Sector Wage $53,608

Top 5 States (number of tech workers)

California – 968,800
Texas  – 485,600
New York – 318,200
Virginia  – 285,400
Florida  – 270,900

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