The Sacramento Regional Fire/EMS Communications Center (SRFECC) won an award this week for improving their email security without spending extra money, while also improving business continuity during disasters.

The Cybersecurity Leadership and Innovation Awards, presented by the Center for Digital Government (CDG) at the FOCUS 13 security conference in Las Vegas, honored government organizations in seven different categories. The SRFECC won in the county government category for maintaining collaboration between government and private vendors to restructure their IT department and improve their email security.

“This whole organization has undergone a complete change,” said SRFECC Chief Executive Director Teresa Murray in an article published by Government Technology.  “The important piece of this really is that the team came in and came together very quickly, collaboratively and creatively.”

In the article, CDG Executive Director Todd Sander said SRFECC was chosen for the award because of how the agency excelled in leadership and creativity,  and they included several participants in planning the security implementation, including vendor partners.

SRFECC oversees eight fire departments and covers 1,000 square miles of territory, but according to Murray, there was only one permanent IT staff member and several vacancies prior to the IT department restructuring.