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California Public Sector IT - By the Numbers
Check out these top 5 IT purchases by the California Department of Public Health.
Over the last 3 months, California state and local government has spent over $329 million on technology goods and services. The state’s drive to deliver easy-to-use, dependable and secure public services has produced some large tech deals.
This infographic shares four ways Techwire can help keep you connected during these challenging times.
The Northern California technology leader had been chief information officer for more than eight years, and the county will mount a search for his permanent replacement.
The 16-year-plus California Department of Technology employee has been promoted to a position elsewhere in the department that will make use of his skills.
The departments with key recruitments include the California Department of Technology, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, the Office of Systems Integration and Covered California.
“I’m very excited to be part of the Zscaler family!” Jan Wong said. “I was very fortunate to have offers from many great companies. ... I chose Zscaler because they are uniquely positioned to help organizations with the challenges of a perimeter-less world.”
Planning and relationships were crucial for San Jose to maintain city services, keep staff safe and reach residents in need, Chief Information Officer Rob Lloyd said during a discussion session at “State of Gov Tech 2021.”
Amanda Daflos, the chief innovation officer for the city of Los Angeles, has stepped down from her post to accept an executive position at the Bloomberg Center for Public Innovation at Johns Hopkins University.
The chief “will serve as an enterprise-wide liaison with management and direct a matrix organization of technical and business subject matter experts to develop and lead engineering efforts for all enterprise IT initiatives,” the job posting says.
The California State Library’s new Digital Preservation Strategy specifies file types for use in digitizing content, standardizing digitization, but it may also facilitate future IT projects.
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The chief information technology officer at one of California’s top 10 most populous cities is heading to a similar position with a private company.