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Steve Kustin rejoined the Sacramento Municipal Utility District four months ago. As he conducts a “listening” tour with his 70 team members, he has five specific goals. And there are vendor opportunities on the horizon.
Insider: Latest Bids
California Public Sector IT - By the Numbers
Check out these top 5 IT purchases by the California Department of Public Health.
Over the last 3 months, California state and local government has spent over $329 million on technology goods and services. The state’s drive to deliver easy-to-use, dependable and secure public services has produced some large tech deals.
This infographic shares four ways Techwire can help keep you connected during these challenging times.
The National Association of State Chief Information Officers recently honored people and projects that have demonstrated innovation in technology within the public sector, including from California.
“I am excited to be representing Oracle Cloud Platform IaaS and PaaS solutions as a new and powerful platform for state of California departments and agencies,” Craig Russell told Techwire.
The Department of Managed Health Care is seeking two specialists — a data architect and a data systems analyst. Both recruitments will continue until the positions are filled.
The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation and California Correctional Health Care Services want to learn more about making virtual physical therapy services available to the incarcerated.
Kumar Sah joins the Sacramento web services company after holding a series of increasingly responsible roles in state government. His most recent position with the state was deputy chief information officer for the State Treasurer’s Office.
Techwire is pleased to welcome Mentis LLC to the Techwire family. Mentis provides next-generation digital and IT consulting services to state government and local agencies to transform their public-sector policies into innovative programs of this digital age. Mentis, based in the Sacramento area, offers services in cloud, data, AI/analytics and digital transformation through its “Software Engineering DNA,” developing customers’ digital personalities. Mentis has delivered solutions in sectors including health and human services, pensions, tax services and environment protection. For more information, go to or contact Ashok Bhatia, president and CEO.
With a signature, Gov. Gavin Newsom has approved several notable pieces of proposed technology legislation.
Techwire is pleased to welcome TIBCO Software to the Techwire family. TIBCO empowers government entities to wield the power of real-time data in making swifter, better-informed choices. For more than a quarter century, TIBCO has helped entities boost effectiveness, supported their oversight and driven transparency through programs across the enterprise. Its Connected Intelligence Platform provides seamless connections for any data source or app, unifying data intelligently for better access, trust and control; and enabling the confident prediction of outcomes at scale and in real time. TIBCO’s Cloud Integration is cloud-native, built to simplify and accelerate event-driven APIs and integrations, and to automate business process and workflows. For more information, visit
The California Department of Managed Health Care spent just under $2 million on its five costliest contracts for IT services in the first half of this year, according to data in the State Contract and Procurement Registration System.
The departments seek candidates for roles including principal platform engineer, project director, data and analytics manager, and section manager.