Accenture’s work with state and local government agencies across California reflects our commitment to helping our clients achieve high performance. Over 4,500 Accenture employees live and work in California delivering consulting, technology and outsourcing services, and are proud to help their clients make a difference in the lives of the people they serve.

Accenture is dedicated to working with California governments to develop creative ways to enhance performance and implement cost-effective initiatives that bring value to citizens.

  • In Northern California, we employ 3,000+ professionals to serve clients in the region's major industries, including some of the Bay Area's most prominent companies and some of the state’s largest agencies.
  • In Southern California, we employ nearly 1,600 professionals who have worked with 16 of the 25 largest public companies in Los Angeles, two-thirds of the Fortune 500 companies headquartered in Southern California, and the most populous county in the country.

As a technology leader and digital innovator, Accenture has built a 50+ year history of collaborating with clients to help them become high-performance governments. Our clients span the full range of industries around the world and include 91 of the Fortune Global 100 and more than three-quarters of the Fortune Global 500. We’ve implemented some of the largest and most successful projects within the state, bringing the experience we’ve gained from thousands of projects annually to deliver innovative solutions for California and an appreciation for its specific project management standards and implementation complexities. For more information visit

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May 16

Intelligent Enterprise Unleashed: Technology Vision 2018

Tech Vision 2018: Explore 5 trends that are shaping the future of society.
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Feb 22

Gearing up for Growth using Multi-Speed IT

Business today consume IT at several speeds all at once. Innovation and digital disruption require quick response, legacy systems call for deliberate care and shifting operating models need a pace of change somewhere in between.
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Oct 11

Unleash the Power of Personalization

Leading commercial organizations are delivering exceptional customer experiences. These digitally enabled, personalized experiences are improving service quality, driving down delivery cost and strengthening customer engagement and satisfaction. And, increasingly, people are looking for the same kinds of personalized experiences when they interact with government.
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Sep 27

Emerging Technologies Make Their Mark On Public Service

Among the foremost missions of government is to improve the delivery of public services and meet the rising expectations of citizens. Our research, based on a survey of global public service technology leaders, reveals that intelligent technologies are already playing a pivotal role in helping agencies achieve this mission—and expectations of future gains are high.
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Aug 24

Government As-A-Platform: Coming Soon to a Government Near You

From Apple to Uber, digital darlings are disrupting their industries with platforms. These data-powered business models rely on others outside the company to create value for the business. It’s one of the most profound disruptive changes in the global macroeconomic environment since the Industrial Revolution—and it’s coming to a government near you.
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Jul 17

A New Health and Human Services Data Mindset

Health and human services is shifting to a coordinated health and social care system that addresses the behavioral and social determinants of health and well-being. Consider this: Accenture Citizen Pulse Survey results reveal that 63 percent of U.S. citizens think their family’s needs would be better met if publicly funded health-care and human services programs were more coordinated.
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May 30

Disney goes Digital

Rather than a comprehensive digital rollout, Disney had previously released piecemeal streaming and rewards solutions with little success. Until they called Fjord. We worked with Disney to create a seamless experience that would allow its users to redeem digital copies, purchase titles, earn rewards and stream films across multiple devices simultaneously. We also synced titles previously purchased with iTunes, Amazon and VUDU into a single app for a seamless, digital Disney movie experience.
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May 11

Six steps to cloud migration success

Most businesses have a strategy for adopting cloud services, but struggle during the actual migration because they don't have a clear roadmap. Based on our experience helping companies migrate to the cloud, Accenture’s Brian Sullivan shares six best practices that could benefit any organization.
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May 1

White Paper: The New CIO Agenda: Evolving for Agile in Government

In a digital world, challenges and opportunities emerge rapidly. Historically, governments have viewed their IT function as a cost center with little connection to the “business” of public service delivery. These days, IT is at the heart of how state and local governments are meeting citizens’ expectations and delivering public value.
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Apr 18

Case Study - Service Design: Increasing transparency in establishing child support obligations

Health and human services organizations are in the business of providing social and wellness services to people in need. But how can services for people be truly effective if they are not designed together with people?
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Feb 24

CIO Academy Panel Discussion: Grabbing and Passing the Baton, Without Dropping It!

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Jan 14

Accenture Study Shows Citizens Want More Digital Interaction With Government

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