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Journalism has led Brooke Edwards Staggs to a manhunt in Las Vegas, a political rally in Union Square and a fishing village in Accra. With a masters degree in journalism from New York University, she's covered government, technology and just about everything else for a variety of publications across the country.

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Oct 5

Cyber Trends: Expert Strategies for Staying on Top of Security Solutions Insider

Jun 24

Examining the California Innovation Lab

Oct 2

State Cloud Initiative Faces Challenges to Overcome a Rocky First Year Insider

Mar 26

Powerhouse Science Center Looks to Tech Companies for Ideas, Support

The $78 million center will replace the 64-year-old Discovery Museum Science and Space Center, with a facility eight times larger and powered by renewable energy. It will include a planetarium, outdoor archeological dig, discovery labs and classrooms, a café and whatever else supporters can dream up.
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Nov 3

Digital Advertising on the Rise in California’s 2014 Election Cycle

Self-serve digital advertising platforms might give local party candidates and causes a last-minute advantage at the polls.
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