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Jul 10

Commentary: DMV Will Accept Credit Cards — But at a Cost

For years, the DMV has not charged a fee when customers use Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover to make online payments or at self-serve DMV kiosks. That's apparently about to change.
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Jun 21

Commentary: Can Newsom Fix the State’s Technology Troubles?

While the governor and his backers express confidence in the new Office of Digital Innovation, some observers remain skeptical as to what the office can actually accomplish, given entrenched bureaucracy.
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Mar 4

Data Privacy Flashpoints: Enforcement and Party Lines

The dynamic could force lawmakers to choose between constituents, who overwhelmingly feel they have lost control of how their personal information is collected and used, and business interests who argue that broad privacy protections could fundamentally damage the Internet economy.
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Oct 16

Analysis: DMV's Troubles Linked to Glitchy Tech, User Errors

The California Department of Motor Vehicles gave the public a series of piecemeal explanations as it acknowledged making more than 100,000 errors in recent months in registering Californians to vote. Software problems, it said in May. Human errors from toggling between computer windows, it said in September. Data entry mistakes that were corrected but never saved, it said this month.
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