Composer Solutions

Composer Solutions delivers software designed to discover and extract business rules and application logic from legacy systems reducing the time, cost and risk of legacy application modernization and transformation.

The speed and information demands of state and local citizens is necessitating a response from governmental agencies.  This demand is forcing governmental organizations to respond in better-faster-cheaper ways.  However, most legacy enterprise applications -  built on decades old technology using architectures when IBM mainframes were the standard – cannot support the continuously accelerating pace of business and citizen required change.  Most organizations now realize that they must transform their IT systems with a modern technology platform.  But, how? Factors such as organization culture, knowledge of existing applications, availability of technical expertise, risk appetite, budget and many more impact how each organization approaches modernization.  The time, cost and risk of modernization, regardless of approach, will be significantly decreased if your organization has access to understandable application knowledge and truly knows all that your legacy system does.

Composer Solutions developed Composer Advantage Knowledge Suite™ to discover and extract valuable knowledge from legacy mainframe systems empowering application modernization and transformation.  Using Composer Advantage, both business and technical teams can discover, document and analyze your application’s ‘as is’ business logic and summary business rules in an easy to use and access knowledgebase repository.  Learn more at

State Contracts

State of California SLP #86439 and State of CA – CMAS # 3-14-70-3076A