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Dec 6

LAX's Makeover Inspires Airport Changes Around the Country

LAX is one of a few dozen airports currently working with U.S. Customs and Border Protection to use automated passport control system as a way to speed up the process of clearing customs
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May 26

California Experiment Will Test Different Ways of Charging Drivers by the Mile

As the gas tax brings in less and less revenue, states are watching Oregon and California as they experiment with alternatives to the gas tax.
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Mar 7

When Regulating Self-Driving Cars, Who’s at the Wheel?

In order for driverless cars to conquer the road, someone has to write the rules for their use. Right now, it’s not clear who that someone will be.
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Feb 16

L.A.'s Library of Open Data Sparks Better Government

The city has created a path for other municipalities to make it easier than ever for agencies to share information with the public and each other.
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Jan 27

Did California's Jail Reforms Cause an Uptick in Crime?

After voters eased penalties for several common crimes, opponents claim the reforms have led to a crime wave.
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May 14

Los Angeles Sets the Track for the Safest, Smartest Train

Because of one of the nation’s deadliest train crashes, cities must implement advanced safety technology on commuter trains by the end of 2015. L.A. got a head start.
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