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May 29

CHP's Longtime IT Chief, Scott Howland, Retiring This Month

The award-winning chief information officer has held sway over tens of millions of dollars in IT and telecom contracts during his reign, overseeing procurement for one of the nation’s largest law enforcement agencies — one in which about 75 percent of its employees wear a badge.
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May 29

Agency Recruiting for IT Operations Leader for N. California Insider

May 28

State's COVID-19 Portal Drawing Interest, Eyeballs Insider

May 27

State Agencies Seeking Expertise in Cloud, Database, Networks Insider

May 26

State, County Recruiting for IT Managers Insider

May 26

State Posts Emergency Procurement Details After Legislators Squawk Insider

May 22

EDD's Problems Prompt Barbed Tweet from Kiley

May 22

IT Leaders Define Innovation, Digital Transformation

May 21

Airport, County Recruiting for CISO, Division Manager Insider

May 20

State Recruitment a Silver Lining amid Pandemic Protocols Insider

May 20

Taborda Names Tech Veteran Becker to Security Team Insider

May 20

CDT Seeking Manager for Desktop, Voice Services Insider

May 19

Schwartz is Pegasystems' New Account Manager

May 19

State Recruiting for Chief Enterprise Architect, IT Manager II Insider

May 18

L.A.'s New Chief Data Officer Sees Equity, Interoperability as Keys to Future Insider

May 15

State Contract Data Includes Emergency Spends over $500K Insider

May 14

Bay Area Entrepreneur Appointed as First ODI Director

May 14

Opportunity Alert: City Needs Computer Training Insider

May 13

State Advised to Focus COVID-19 R&D Spend on California Insider

May 12

Wilson Is New Account Exec for Snowflake Public Sector Insider

May 11

L.A. Names Tech Adviser Jeanne Holm to CDO Role

May 8

State Hospitals Recruiting for Key IT Roles Insider

May 7

Cuellar Joins Snowflake's Public Sector West Team

May 7

FI$Cal Names Project Management Chief, CISO Insider

May 6

New GIO's Sole Priority: Wielding Data in Fight Against Pandemic Insider