Elastic is a search company that powers workplace search, observability, and security solutions that can be deployed on premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments. Elastic helps government and education professionals make data actionable, increase visibility into their infrastructures, build better citizen experiences, and securely move to the cloud.

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EVENT : Apr 14

ElasticON Public Sector State, Local & Education Event April 14

Register now to hear from product experts and Elastic customers who are using enterprise search, observability, and security solutions. 
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EVENT : Feb 25

Stretch your higher education IT security budget with Elastic

Elastic Security is free and open so you can get started quickly and see the value before making an investment.
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Eliminate blind spots to protect against ransomware

Strengthen security and improve responsiveness.
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EVENT : Aug 26

Ingest more, spend less: Learn how to reduce costs, complexity, and overhead with Elastic and Cribl.

Learn how to switch to Elastic or complement your existing Splunk deployment.
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EVENT : Jul 23

Monitoring and preventing threats as employees transition from home to office

As employees return to offices or continue to work from home, the attack surface increases exponentially. How will you protect your network?
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EVENT : Apr 29

Elastic's recommendation on keeping services up and running with real-time visibility

Increased traffic. New users on the network. Data sharing at unprecedented levels. Meet all the challenges coming your way with the free and open Elastic Stack.
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#Elasticsearch Service on #ElasticCloud is now in beta on AWS #GovCloud!

If you’re handling government data, you can experience the speed, security, and simplicity of deploying the Elastic Stack. Request access today.
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Elastic shares the importance of Solving the time-to-value data challenge

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EVENT : Feb 20

Getting Started with Elastic Workshop for CA State Employees

Meet the team behind the open source Elastic Stack — that’s Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats & Logstash
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