Genuent is the technology talent firm focused on delivering the right people and resources to solve complex technology and business challenges. Through our deep consultant and client relationships, Genuent is an element of change in the world of work. With a strong presence throughout California, Genuent services clients nationally across the entire technology spectrum. Genuent has provided technology professionals across all technologies and domains and is a current vendor to the State of the CA for CMAS and IT MSA Leveraged Procurement Agreements.  Please visit our website at 


CMAS Agreement # 3-08-70-1155C

IT MSA Agreement # 5167010-074


Genuent recognizes the workforce challenges in state and local government resulting from talent shortages and inflated rates. Genuent can address these workforce challenges through our Talent Path solution. Genuent’s Talent Path division is an innovative talent development solution solving the skills/technology gap responsible for the labor supply/demand imbalance in certain key technologies. The solution brings together a detailed understanding of client business drivers and talent challenges with a robust recruiting ecosystem designed to attract top talent hungry for “last mile” training. Talent Path hires only the top candidates as full-time employees, so they can stay invested and undistracted during our immersive 90-day curricula.  The learning experience focuses on the technology, consulting, and power skills required for the role and allows our Talent Path consultants to deliver value on day one.