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HiPER Solutions inspires and activates high-impact leaders around the world to deliver positive change.

Our flagship offering is a system for high-impact leaders to assemble the right team and get their key stakeholders aligned on large programs. We help navigate common issues that arise so leaders can more easily deliver successful change initiatives.

The breakout podcast series, HiPERleadership, features the successes and struggles of exemplar high-impact leaders such as Stephen M.R. Covey, Leigh Steinberg and Sylvia Acevedo. To learn more about HiPER Solutions, please visit

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Born for Crisis? Three Truths About The HiPER™ Leader

Every organization impacted by COVID-19 must determine the most mission critical area they will invest in and ensure their best HiPER Leader is deployed.
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Not Enough for Executive Sponsors to Hire Smart People & Get Out of the Way

Teri Takai and HiPER Solutions Group join forces to call out some of the common mistakes getting in the way of IT project success.
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