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Feb 20

Tech Gives Kern County First Responders an Edge on 911 Calls

Situational awareness is critical for a police officer, and when it comes to confronting a subject suffering from a mental illness or other behavioral issues, knowledge of the subject’s state of mind could help the officer de-escalate a possibly explosive situation. Now, Kern County is using technology to help with that.
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Dec 4

Cal OES Guidelines May Help Inform Emergency Alerting, Evacuations

New guidelines required by the state and developed by the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services should offer best practices for emergency alerting and evacuation during disasters such as wildfires like the Camp Fire.
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Nov 30

Network Uses Infrared, Data, Servers and Cloud to Spot Wildfires

A network of infrared cameras, linked to servers and the cloud, is being used across California's forests as an early warning system to try to prevent the fast-moving wildfires that have plagued the state in the last couple of years.
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Nov 21

Santa Ana School District Uses Ambit Two-Way Messaging System During Drill

The emergency operations center was fully activated during the Great Southern California Shakeout and personnel were tested for ‘stress inoculation’ as information poured into the EOC from users with mobile apps reporting on fires and evacuations.
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Mar 22

Bridging the Seismology Gap in L.A.

Lucy Jones’ expertise put Los Angeles on the road to enlightened earthquake policy.
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Mar 30

Developing Preparedness and Recovery Plans with Design Thinking

San Francisco uses the concept of sampling before finishing the final product.
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Nov 24

Can 'Security in Depth' Help Patrol California Borders?

Paul Stockton, the former assistant secretary of defense for Homeland Defense and Americas’ Security Affairs, discusses the strategy of "security in depth."
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