For more than a decade, MarkLogic has delivered a powerful, agile and trusted Enterprise NoSQL database platform that enables organizations to turn all data into valuable and actionable information. Organizations around the world rely on MarkLogic's enterprise-grade technology to power the new generation of information applications. MarkLogic is headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in Washington D.C., New York, London, Frankfurt, Utrecht, and Tokyo. CMAS Contract Number: 3-12-70-2247E

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Apr 3

MarkLogic World 2018

Marklogic World features a California Health and Human services session with Undersecretary Wilkening, DMHC and OSHPD. Click for Registration and agenda.
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Jan 3

Data Integration Forum: Unleash the Power of Government Data

Today’s data is often buried in disconnected, purpose-specific information silos such as relational databases, COTS, PDF, and other file systems making it difficult to pull together disparate data for a 360-degree view.
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Oct 30

MarkLogic Security Workshop

Join us for breakfast and a half-day, instructor-led workshop to learn about the powerful security features in MarkLogic 9.
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Oct 18

Cloud Neutrality: 5 Things Every CIO Should Plan for When Moving to Cloud

Successful planning to move to the cloud is not just about getting data into the cloud, it’s about how you get it out.
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Sep 19

Turn Technical Debt Into a Technical Asset: Operational Data hub

Enterprise data integration is eating up 60% of your IT spend, but still leaves two (big) disconnected silos – operational “run-the-business” and analytic “observe-the-business” data – that hold your business back.
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Jul 7

Agile Mastering: A New Approach to MDM

Learn more about how you can take steps to be more effective with MDM in your organization and show results sooner.
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Jun 1

Building on Multi-Model Databases

Business demands a single view of data, and IT strains to cobble together data from multiple data stores to present that view. Multi-model databases can help you integrate data from across your organization — in a seamless and elegant way. This free ebook explains how.
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Feb 14

The Great Cake Walk

Our Goal is... To raise money, to provide resources to help close the academic achievement gap in the Sacramento Region.
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Jan 17

White Paper: Rethink Data Modeling By Marklogic

Traditional data modeling is inadequate. Today, organizations are constrained by relational technology and they need a better approach to data modeling in order to integrate data faster and build smarter applications. For that reason, organizations are now choosing a multi-model approach using NoSQL and semantics.
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