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Apr 24

AT&T, San Jose Aim to Expand Small Cell Network

The city of San Jose has reached a tentative agreement with AT&T to install a network of 170 small cells on lampposts across the city by the end of the year to improve wireless coverage. City officials say the small cells will boost voice and data capacity for residents and businesses and fortify the FirstNet emergency responder communications network.
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Feb 14

Legislator Introduces Bill to Regulate How Silicon Valley Uses Your Data

As Silicon Valley companies collect an ever-growing amount of data about their users, a Bay Area-based state legislator wants to create a California regulatory agency to protect personal information.
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Feb 16

CA Bill Targets Social Media: Get Parents' OK

Assemblyman Ed Chau wants Facebook and other social media sites to obtain clear permission from parents before allowing children and teens to use their services, and he's proposing legislation to that end.
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Apr 20

Senate Panel Weighs Charters for Cannabis Banks

California would license special banks to handle billions of dollars generated by the legal marijuana market under legislation given initial approval by state lawmakers Wednesday.
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Apr 18

Senate Panel OKs Bill on Limited Net Neutrality

A proposal that would restore net neutrality in California advanced in the state Senate on Tuesday with changes that scaled back some of its provisions. Lobbyists for major Internet providers, including AT&T, said the proposed law is still complex and confusing and could cause companies to pass on more costs to consumers. Technology advocates were disappointed to see the state contracts provision cut, but cheered its approval.
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Apr 18

Bill Would Require Wireless Emergency Alerts for All Counties

Marin County’s state senator has authored a bill, SB 833, that would require every county in California to adopt the Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) system. The way the bill is written, some counties would be required to buy software that could cost thousands of dollars per year.
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Apr 13

City, UC to Team Up on Tech Campus

A planned 25-acre technology and innovation campus in Sacramento would take years to complete and cost "tens of millions, if not hundreds."
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Apr 13

Counties Test Driving Tech-Driven Voting

Sonoma and Lake counties are among California jurisdictions that are considering multimillion-dollar investments in new voting technology.
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Apr 11

More CA Police Agencies Look to $30K 'Drone Killer' Tech

The Oceanside Police Department recently acquired San Diego County’s first drone killer, an electronic device that can disable a drone in the sky and force it back to the ground. Other area law enforcement agencies also are considering the technology as a way to rein in unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs.
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Apr 10

Bill Mandates Online Portals for Special Districts

Marin’s state senator has cleared a key hurdle on legislation to increase online transparency at the state’s more than 2,000 independent special districts. Last year, the Little Hoover Commission, which serves as the state’s independent oversight agency, released a report recommending that the Legislature pass just such a law.
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Apr 9

SF Tech Agency Plugs Gap in Emergency Network

San Francisco officials have been quietly scrambling since early February to patch a security vulnerability in the city’s outdoor alert system that, if left unaddressed, could have allowed hackers to seize control of the city’s network of 114 emergency sirens. Now, the Department of Technology says the problem has been fixed.
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Apr 4

3 Firms' Hardware Tested in Carpool-Lane Crackdown

Three companies' products are being tested on Bay Area carpool lanes as authorities seek to use technology to crack down on lane cheaters.
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Apr 3

DMV Taking Applications for Driverless Cars

California began accepting applications Monday for permits to deploy self-driving cars on public roads without a human backup driver at the wheel.
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Mar 30

Bay Area Cities on Cyberthreats: 'No One's Immune'

Two major U.S. cities were crippled this week by ransomware, but even in the heart of Silicon Valley, Bay Area government officials tasked with safeguarding a growing trove of sensitive data feel vulnerable to what they see as a constant and ever-evolving threat.
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Mar 26

175 'Smart' Meters in Capital Going; Kiosks Coming

Three years after installing millions of dollars worth of "smart" parking meters, the city of Sacramento is about to remove 175 of them on four streets, including one entire side of J Street in midtown, in an area populated by many state government offices. The reason: The meter sensors cannot handle a new task being asked of them.
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Mar 20

State to Allow Autonomous Car Tests to Continue

California officials say they plan to review the cause of an Arizona pedestrian fatality Sunday night involving an autonomous Uber vehicle, but indicated they have no plans as of now to delay next month's planned testing of robot cars in the state.
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Mar 16

State Trying Again for Net Neutrality Bill

Mar 7

Uber Techies Take a Back Seat to Experience Driverless Ride

There's a new robot taxi service in San Francisco — but it's only for people working on Uber's self-driving-car project. The purpose is twofold: to give engineers a visceral sense of the technology they're developing, and to gain real-life feedback on operating a robot-taxi service.
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Mar 5

'Driverless' Tesla Semi Sighting on I-80 Has Techies Buzzing

A Tesla Semi, still technically a prototype vehicle, was recently seen driving on Interstate 80 in the Sacramento area, as documented by a YouTube video uploaded by another driver. The "wild" Semi spotting already has tech blogs and self-driving car enthusiasts bubbling. And there's speculation that the I-80 route, passing through Sacramento, may be used regularly.
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Mar 2

Brown Seeks $100M for Tech in California

A group of sprawling, expensive state technology projects stands to gain another $100 million in spending under budget proposals advocated by Gov. Jerry Brown’s office. His administration is requesting the money to complete a $909 million accounting project, a $386 million project for prison inmate health records, a $281 million tax collection program and a $96 million professional licensing program.
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Feb 23

Tech Hiring: Silicon Valley Outpaces Rivals, But Woes Worsen

Silicon Valley remains the nation's leader in tech job creation, but its innovation economy is imperiled by inadequate levels of housing construction, skyrocketing home prices and a migration of residents to other states, a new study has found.
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Feb 23

Friday Reading List: Many Are Culled, Few Are Chosen

In our search for tech news, we come across stories that don’t make the cut to appear in Techwire but that are worth mentioning. Herewith, some recent finds that may have escaped your radar.
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Feb 15

Survey: Most Californians Trust Tech Industry, Not Social Media

Californians trust the tech industry more than any other — yet they think it needs to be regulated, and they blame social media for fake news, a new survey says.
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Feb 13

City to Seek Bids for License Plate Scanners

Alameda is revising its policy on license plate data gathered by police and ordered the city staff to put a contract for scanners out to bid.
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Feb 8

SacBee Deletes Databases After Ransom Hacking

Two Sacramento Bee databases on a third-party computer server were seized last month by an anonymous hacker who demanded The Bee pay a ransom in bitcoin to get the data back.
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