Pondera Solutions

Pondera Solutions is a certified Google Enterprise partner with the singular focus of leveraging advanced analytics and cloud computing to combat fraud, waste, and abuse in large government programs. Pondera's flagship offering, Fraud Detection as a Service (FDaaS) is currently available for Medicaid, Unemployment Insurance, Public Housing, Public Welfare programs, and Disabled Parking Placards.

FDaaS combines transaction data with third party consumer and business databases, and then runs every transaction through a series of advanced prediction models. The system returns investigation-ready leads and suspicious patterns, clusters, and trends to the FDaaS Dashboard. The Dashboard is 'built by investigators, for investigators", and includes Alerts, Geospatial Maps, and Link Analysis.

Pondera also has a Special Investigations Unit (SIU), composed of former government fraud investigators and law enforcement personnel. The SIU helps government agencies act on the analytics and detect emerging fraud trends.

FDaaS is offered as a service and leverages machine learning to constantly tune and update the prediction models. This ensures that the FDaaS system remains on the cutting edge of fraud detection, constantly learning and improving with use. FDaaS requires no additional hardware or software purchases and can be implemented in as quickly as 120 days.