The SimpliGov Automation Platform is a cloud-based, SaaS solution, that empowers our local, state and federal organizations to rapidly develop and implement eForm, e-signature, and workflow solutions. We are a “no code” solution that empowers lines of business to own and maintain their own processes.

SimpliGov easily integrates with internal systems, including e-sign, SSO, ERP and document management solutions, making it easy for organizations to leverage their existing infrastructure, operate more efficiently, cut costs, and save time. We combine intuitive drag-and-drop simplicity of use, while enabling the ability to integrate with existing systems.

SimpliGov frees constituents and public sector workers from the “pain of the mundane” by liberating organizations from dealing with outmoded, repetitive, error-prone paper-based forms so that they can focus on improving productivity and engage more effectively with their various audiences. Some of the benefits will be:

  • Saving time and resources by automating this type of repetitive task
  • Eliminating errors and delays and preserve data integrity
  • Preventing security, governance and compliance risks
  • Empowering business owners to build and manage their workflows with limited reliance on IT
  • Providing insights into your activities by offering powerful analytics dashboards

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