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Apr 15

State Part of Satellite Team Targeting Greenhouse Gas ‘Super-Emitters’

The satellites’ targets will include oil and gas operations, waste management facilities, dairies and other industries that researchers say spew much of the state’s methane, a short-lived but powerful pollutant that is more than 80 times more effective at trapping heat than carbon dioxide.
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Apr 15

Dell Technologies to Spin Off Ownership Stake in VMware

Dell Technologies said the spinoff means it will be able to strengthen its market position and expand in growth areas including hybrid cloud, edge, 5G, telecom and data management.
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Apr 15

City’s IT Team Catches Alleged Data Breach in Finance Department

Officials became aware of a “large-scale security breach of electronic financial records at Huntington Park City Hall” that was “intercepted and contained” by the city’s IT department, and the Huntington Park Police Department initiated a criminal investigation.
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Apr 7

Newsom Says Most State Workers Should Remain Remote

The governor said early in the coronavirus pandemic that he planned to make telework a permanent option for state employees, and he ordered department directors in November to incorporate savings from remote work in proposals for mandatory across-the-board spending reductions of 5 percent.
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Apr 6

Google Offers San Jose $200M Carrot for OK on Planned Transit Village

The details, released Tuesday, mark the first time the Mountain View-based search giant has outlined specific efforts it will undertake for the community, after months of closed-door negotiations with the city. The City Council is expected to decide on the development agreement by June.
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Apr 5

UC, Stanford Issue Warning After File Sharing Hack

The Accellion system was attacked over the winter by suspects exploiting a flaw in its software. Among the other colleges reportedly affected are the universities of Maryland, Colorado and Miami, and Yeshiva University in New York. Government agencies and private companies were also targeted.
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Apr 2

Auditor Faults State Health Department on Flaws in COVID Contact Tracing

The auditor’s report urged the California Department of Public Health to conduct a thorough re-evaluation of its contact tracing program by May 15. In its written response to the audit, the department said it’s already retooling the system.
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Mar 24

State Controller’s Office Recovering From Breach

The California State Controller’s Office has notified more than 9,000 people with unclaimed property whose information could have been improperly accessed by a hacker, and is taking additional security measures following the breach last week.
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Mar 24

Sutter County Sheriff Shifts to Integrated Software Package

The new software program is an all-in-one system, which means each of the department’s three divisions can work more efficiently. The upgrade includes a streamlined report-writing module, portals for the courts and other county offices to view information, and an evidence system component, according to the Sheriff’s Office.
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Mar 23

Marin County Expands Virtual Reality Training for Deputies

The new training aid is part of the department’s $1.48 million, five-year contract with Axon Enterprises Inc., which supplies the agency with Taser stun guns and body-worn cameras, as well as related software and cloud video storage.
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Mar 19

Department of State Hospitals Reports Data Breach by Employee

The worker went “directly into the server” and copied patients’ and employees’ records, including COVID-19 test results, for an unknown purpose. The employee is on administrative leave.
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Mar 19

Sonoma County Buys AI Package for Wildfire Detection

The county is outfitting its existing network of fire-spotting cameras with software to identify likely wildfire activity and alert authorities. Initially, however, the system must be “taught” to distinguish fire smoke from other forms of fog, vapor or clouds, via human feedback that should enable it to refine its algorithm.
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Mar 18

State Settles Gun Rights Lawsuit Over Glitchy Registration Website

The settlement agreement is a major setback for one of California’s signature pieces of gun control legislation. It comes 11 months after a federal judge said the state’s online ammunition background check program was so glitchy that tens of thousands of legal firearms owners were barred from buying ammunition — in violation of their 2nd Amendment rights.
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Mar 17

EDD’s Woes a Sore Spot in Labor Chief's Confirmation Hearing

Republican senators grilled Biden nominee Julie Su over California’s problems with its unemployment agency, as they consider her nomination for deputy secretary of Labor. But her confirmation was expected to be approved.
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Mar 16

Bill Would Allow Cities to Resume Using Traffic Cameras to Nab Speeders

The technology typically draws a fierce backlash from drivers, who view the cameras as a cash cow for local jurisdictions that want to bust anyone who strays above the speed limit. And civil liberties groups often raise concerns about the cameras’ implications for privacy.
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Mar 10

Tech Will Help Fuel State’s Post-COVID Economic Recovery, Study Says

“Tech has not been in free fall,” economist Jerry Nickelsburg writes. “Indeed, its profitability has grown, and tech equities are the star performers.”
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Mar 9

Major County Opts Out of State’s MyTurn Vaccine Network

Only one of California’s 58 counties, Kern County, has signed contracts to participate in the Blue Shield agreement, marking another potential hiccup in a vaccination rollout that has frustrated many Californians.
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Feb 25

State Won’t Renew Coronavirus Testing Contracts

Feb 22

County Recovers After Ransomware Attack

Yuba County systems were recently targeted by a cyberattack that forced IT staff to isolate affected computers to stop the malware. Officials say critical systems had backups and were successfully recovered.
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Feb 12

Staff Exodus Is Latest Struggle for Unemployment Department

EDD employees have told lawmakers the workload is overwhelming, leaving them working nights and weekends and feeling stressed to the breaking point. Some talked of not getting enough training and having to take breaks to cry after fielding calls and hearing desperate stories from Californians thrown out of work.
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Feb 10

Sacramento, Nearby Counties Getting Federal COVID Funding

The funding -- almost $60 million for Sacramento County alone -- will support COVID-19-related efforts in testing, case investigation, contact tracing, surveillance, containment and mitigation from a grant through the California Department of Public Health.
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Feb 8

Employment Department Warns of New Delay in Jobless Benefits

“The roadblock to getting money to massive amounts of people who need it desperately is the same old problem — dinosaur technology,” said Assembly Member Jim Patterson, a Fresno Republican.
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Feb 5

El Cajon Strategic Plan Looks to Becoming a Smart City

The San Diego County city of more than 100,000 recently debuted its “El Cajon 2.0” strategic plan, which should lean on technology; and its City Council indicated priorities, several of which involve tech and innovation. In a survey, a majority of residents supported the city adding cameras or sensors in public spaces if that information would only be used to enhance public safety.
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Feb 1

Marin Wildfire Agency Will Deploy Evacuation App Used in Recent Storms

The Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority will spend $108,000 initially and $72,000 annually to employ an app used during storms this week to evacuate 5,000 people in the Santa Cruz Mountains.
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Jan 28

EDD ‘Missteps and Inaction’ Allowed Fraudulent Claims, New Report Says

The fraud report from State Auditor Elaine Howle is the second one this week that has focused critically on the Employment Development Department.
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