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Jan 20

Auditor Says Small Counties Shortchanged in CARES Funding

The funding worked out to $102 per resident for small counties and up to $197 per resident for counties with more than 500,000 residents, according to the report.
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Jan 19

EDD Backlog Soars as Remedies Fail to Keep Up

Unemployed workers have continued to complain of a glitchy website and an unresponsive call center. Those complaints have continued despite the EDD adding hundreds of workers and new technology designed to automate and streamline the claims process.
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Jan 14

Barrage of Fraudulent Claims Still Bedeviling EDD

Months after district attorneys uncovered a prison fraud ring that conned the California Employment Development Department out of an estimated $2 billion or more, the head of an identity-security firm working for the state says global cybercriminals are bombarding EDD with fraudulent unemployment claims at a stunning clip.
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Jan 13

L.A. Police Face New Limits on Facial Recognition Tech

The new policy bans LAPD from using any other facial recognition technology beyond that used by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department system. It also sets up oversight requiring LAPD to collect data on how the system is being used and whether it’s effective.
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Jan 8

Software Snag Hampers State’s Vaccine Rollout

The online software system, called PrepMod, is a vaccine management tool designed to manage waitlists and inventory as well as send email proof of vaccinations to patients.
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Jan 5

Commentary: Can State Stop Big Tech’s Exodus?

In a stunning procession in December, California lost the leadership of three iconic firms — Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Oracle and Tesla — all to Texas. In addition, many California tech firms, including Uber and Lyft, as well as Apple, have been shifting jobs outside the state.
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Dec 15

Company Unveils Robo-Taxi in SF Demo

The boxy, all-electric vehicles from Zoox were cleared for a spin around a couple of blocks in the city, but so far, the fully autonomous, driverless taxis aren’t accepting fares. More work remains.
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Dec 11

Key City Poised for Gains from AI Expansion, Report Says

While the study did not pinpoint a specific number of AI jobs in the region, it did highlight industries with above-average employment in AI fields. They include telecommunications, information technology, software and transportation.
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Dec 9

State Tax Windfall Is $15.5 Billion, Newsom Tells Tech Group

The governor’s estimate is significantly smaller than the one made last month by the independent Legislative Analyst’s Office, which put the size of the unexpected cash surplus at $26 billion for the fiscal year that begins in July.
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Nov 30

Vaccine Effort Faces Enormous Challenges in California

Experts say they’re confident that California’s data systems are up to the task at hand. The state is working on “a robust data system to track local inventories and doses administered,” and it already has a “confidential and secure” immunization information system.
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Nov 24

State Prosecutors Blast EDD for Inmate Fraud, Backlog

“The EDD department is so dysfunctional. There has been a backlog, there continues to be a backlog of many, many thousands of people because of the pandemic, because of the lockdowns," said Vern Pierson, El Dorado County district attorney.
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Nov 13

EDD’s Backlog of Claims Drops Significantly

The total number of backlogged claims as of Nov. 11 was 39 percent below the totals reported for Nov. 4, the EDD dashboard shows.
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Nov 11

L.A. County's $300M Voting System Gets High Marks in Election

Election experts said the county's voting system in Los Angeles appears to have met its high expectations, even while changing long-held routines and habits developed around election night.
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Nov 9

Sacramento County Using Digital Alerts for COVID Contact Tracing

Contact tracing is considered a powerful tool in curbing the spread of COVID-19, doing so by informing close contacts of infected individuals of the exposure so that they can self-quarantine. That helps contain case clusters while they remain small.
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Nov 3

LAPD Activates Video, Data Storage in Helicopter Surveillance

For the first time, the department has the ability to capture and store video footage of large-scale events. The enabling technology includes two massive hard drives.
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Oct 26

Why ‘Robot Cars’ Are Picking Up Speed in SF

“Machine learning did not advance as rapidly as (proponents) thought it would,” said Jesse Halfon, an automotive attorney.
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Oct 23

San Diego Going Off Grid to Add EV Charging Stations

The public-private partnership between Beam Global and the city of San Diego could be a blueprint for climate-conscious governments as they grapple with constrained budgets amid the coronavirus pandemic.
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Oct 22

Marin County Admin Solution to Fully Deploy

Rollout of the county’s Administrative Technologies of Marin (ATOM) project, which encompasses aspects of finance, payroll and human resources, has taken longer than expected but may realize a savings. Full implementation of its final phase is set for Jan. 8.
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Oct 21

Merced County Smartphone App Guides Waste Management

The 'Merced Recycles' app from the county’s Regional Waste Management Authority, educates residents on trash pickup schedules and how to handle garbage and recyclables.
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Oct 16

EDD Staffers Discuss Backlog, Tech Issues With State Senate

Outdated technology and a lack of flexibility are among the factors that contributed to the Employment Development Department’s historic claims backlog — which is expected to be cleared by the end of January, EDD staffers told a California state Senate committee recently.
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Oct 15

Complex Data Privacy Measure Unites Opposition on Both Sides

A quick read of the 52-page Proposition 24 proves impossible. In broad strokes, the 2019 consumer privacy law gave Californians the right to know what data companies collect on them, the right to get the data deleted, and the right to tell companies not to package and sell the data to other companies.
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Oct 15

$15M Comcast Project to Expand High-Speed Internet in Modesto

The work, which is expected to be done by March, will give an estimated 2,000 local businesses access to Ethernet speeds of up to 10Gb/sec.
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Oct 14

Lawmakers Question Batjer on PG&E's Rolling Blackouts

Acting on an order from Gov. Gavin Newsom, the California Independent System Operator, the California Energy Commission and the Public Utilities Commission last week released a preliminary root-cause analysis into the first rolling blackouts in California since 2001.
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Oct 8

EDD Cites Gains on Backlog, Awaits Metrics on ID Tool

The Employment Development Department has paid more than $93.8 billion in unemployment benefits since March and processed more than 13.6 million claims. But the volume has overwhelmed the agency, and a report last month showed that 1.6 million people were still waiting for claims to be resolved.
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Oct 7

4-State Coalition Eyes Apps, Sensors, Data for Truck Parking System

The system will use technology that detects, monitors and provides real-time truck parking availability using “roadside dynamic message signs, smartphone and in-cab applications and online via websites and traveler information sites.” The system will track available truck parking at 37 public rest areas and 550 parking spaces throughout the four states that make up the I-10 Corridor Coalition.
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