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Aug 22

SD Threatens to Oust Lime Scooters, Citing Speeding Riders

City officials accused the company of repeatedly allowing scooters to operate in restricted areas above the speed limit. Lime officials said the company had already addressed the issues as the result of a warning letter from the city last month.
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Aug 20

Heavy-Vehicle Charging Stations OK'd by CPUC

Heavy-duty vehicles produce more particulate matter than all of California's power plants combined and can cause or worsen asthma and other health problems.
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Aug 19

New County Program Targets Voting Experience

The state's largest county will use technology to offer voters an array of choices when they head to the polls in next year's early presidential primary.
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Aug 15

Cisco Cutting Hundreds of Jobs in Bay Area

The San Jose company — which does millions of dollars in business annually with the state — said in a July 30 filing with the state's Employment Development Department that it would cut 397 jobs at its corporate headquarters, as well as 91 jobs in Milpitas.
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Aug 13

Facial Recognition Tech Faulted After Lawmaker's Test

About 1 in 5 legislators was erroneously matched to a person who had been arrested when the ACLU used the software to screen their pictures against a database of 25,000 publicly available booking photos. Last year, in a similar experiment done with photos of members of Congress, the software erroneously matched 28 federal legislators with mug shots.
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Aug 12

FBI Probe of L.A. Utility Includes Scrutiny on Cybersecurity

New details about an FBI raid last month indicate that federal authorities were conducting a wider investigation than was previously believed.
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Aug 9

Ex-Software Rep Pleads Guilty in Bid-Rigging Case

The Placer County resident will be sentenced this fall, more than a year after two co-conspirators entered guity pleas in the case.
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Aug 8

Self-Driving Shuttles Make Debut in Business Setting

Olli will be driving under 5 mph, but has the capability to drive up to 25 mph. The shuttles can comfortably seat eight people, and each vehicle is accompanied by an attendant who oversees its autonomous operations with the ability to take over manual control or pull an emergency brake.
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Aug 7

Officials in Marin Gird for Wildfire Outages

Marin County officials are planning how they will provide services, in the event power is disrupted to avoid wildfires.
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Aug 6

Suspected Data Breach May Have Affected 15,000 County Workers

The possible incident — a third-party vendor is still looking into whether cyberthieves gained access to any protected information — may have hit the health benefits program the county runs on behalf of its employees, according to a county government spokeswoman.
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Aug 5

San Diego PD Accelerates Streetlight Video Camera Use Amid Surveillance Concern

The agency's use of the technology has helped it in investigations but prompted a call from the American Civil Liberties Union for better oversight.
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Jul 31

After Ransomware Attack, City Opted to Rebuild IT, Not Pay

Following the breach, the city hired security experts and a legal team to conduct a series of forensic audits. Technicians were able to trace information included in the malware's code and concluded that public information was not compromised as a result of the ransomware attack.
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Jul 30

LAPD Applicant Data Threatened in City Computer Breach

City officials were concerned that the entire database was compromised and quickly began notifying job applicants, who had logged on to a website for updates during the lengthy process of becoming a police officer.
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Jul 29

Tech Companies, Too, Eye Changes to the State's New Privacy Law

Jul 26

Commentary: For Newsom, Stakes Are High for DMV's Redemption

Gavin Newsom once said that any governor who couldn't fix the Department of Motor Vehicles should be recalled. Those words may come back to haunt him now that he's governor.
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Jul 24

San Diego OKs Tough 5G Regulations

City officials touted the new rules as among the strongest in the nation, predicting they will protect neighborhoods from poorly designed cell antenna installations that damage community character and aesthetics. Industry leaders expressed unenthusiastic acceptance of the city's decision to take an aggressive approach.
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Jul 23

City Goes Airborne with $2.7M Police Chopper

The Stockton Police Department's newest tool weighs more than 3,600 pounds, can reach speeds up to 155 mph and comes with an equally cool-sounding name: Falcon One-Zero.
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Jul 22

Bill Would Let States Require Fireproof Cellphone Infrastructure

California's Office of Emergency Services said 341 cell sites were offline during the October 2017 wildfires and 489 cell sites were down during the Camp and Woolsey fires last year, preventing wireless users in those areas from being able to call 911, receive an emergency alert or use their cellphones to find the safest evacuation route.
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Jul 19

San Diego Seeks to Tighten 5G Regulations

Community leaders are praising the city for striving to limit visual impacts and keeping the new antennas as unobtrusive as possible, despite the industry needing significantly more antennas to support the new 5G network.
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Jul 17

Oakland Approves Facial Recognition Technology Ban

The Oakland City Council's approval Tuesday, of a policy prohibiting use by the city of facial recognition technology, places it in a small vanguard of like-minded municipalities.
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Jul 17

Commentary: 'Cradle to Career' Data-Tracking a Flawed Idea

"The 'Cradle to Career Data System' was enacted as part of a budget trailer bill, negotiated essentially in secret and presented to lawmakers as a done deal for an up-or-down vote. Whose idea was this?"
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Jul 15

ShakeAlertLA Post-Mortem: Too Many Alerts or Too Few?

“We want you to see the alert and immediately drop, cover and hold on. If you see 30 of those a day, you're either going to get incredible muscle tone and a core workout, or you're going to stop reacting altogether.”
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Jul 10

County OKs New Rules for 5G; Both Sides Unhappy

"We're not ignoring the health concerns, but we can't regulate it; the federal government does that. I think we kind of hit the sweet spot because we've got both sides saying postpone this thing."
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Jul 9

CPUC Turns Key on Waymo Taxi Service

Waymo's autonomous vehicle program has won an approval from the state that could accelerate its development.
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Jul 8

Quake Warning App to Be Tweaked for More Sensitivity

After last week's 6.4 quake, many users were worried the application was not working. People on social media denounced the app as a failure — but in fact, ShakeAlert was functioning normally, as city officials and the United States Geological Survey soon pointed out.
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