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Oct 18

Los Angeles Expands its Cybersecurity Lab

Los Angeles is expanding the nation's first city-backed cybersecurity lab, which it launched last year, and now it has $3 million in federal grant money to better develop its threat intelligence.
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Oct 10

STiR: California Opportunities Abound for Gov-Tech Vendors

The Startup in Residence Program (STiR) is now open for applications from private-sector entrepreneurs. As such, STiR’s website has posted its annual list of civic challenges, which this year includes more than 80 potential use cases from 28 government partners, including cities, counties, states and even regional transit organizations — many in California.
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Sep 25

Toolkit Targets Bias in Government Algorithms

A new algorithm toolkit could help local government guarantee that their automated decision-making processes are free of bias.
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Sep 12

New Chief Innovation Officer Talks Tech

Tech veteran George Khalil discusses using technology to bridge gaps and move the agency forward as he takes over the helm of technology and innovation in the city.
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Sep 7

Santa Clara County Launches Health Data Portal

The platform, which is the work of the Santa Clara County Health Department, gives its users an online tool they can use to access health data at a near-granular level, broken down by city and neighborhood.
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Sep 5

CIO's Advice to Government: Be Open to Startups

Aug 31

County Sees Benefits from Family Homeless Portal

Aug 8

Stanford Undergrads' New Platform Connects Voters with Elected Officials

Jul 30

User-Centric Design Has Growing Role in Gov Tech

Designers — real modern designers who conduct human-centric research to create products and pages that work for people rather than systems — have started to arrive in local government, bringing with them philosophies that are changing cultures. A California city is in the forefront of the movement.
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Jul 26

New Tech Chief's Priorities Key to City's Future

Lea Eriksen was named the director of technology and innovation for Long Beach last month after working in that role on an interim basis since January.
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Jul 12

Process Automation Platform Helps L.A. County Agency Digitize Documents

Jun 25

City Names New Chief of IT, Innovation

Long Beach has named Lea Eriksen as its new director of technology and innovation. She is a veteran public servant with roughly 20 years of experience working for local government, including economic development, budget, finance and, of course, technology.
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Jun 21

Humboldt County Boosting Tech for Civic Services

Humboldt County has launched an enhanced website aimed at increasing access to its services for users with disabilities, both with and without access to assistive technology devices.
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Jun 19

User Experience Drives Changes in GetCalFresh

May 24

Coders to Use Conference to Reflect, Refresh Goals

As Code for America prepares for its annual summit, scheduled to take place May 30-June 1 in Oakland, the group’s executive director, Jennifer Pahlka, said the event would give the entire civic tech community a chance to reflect on recent successes, as well as to set the bar for the coming year.
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May 16

SF to Use Tech to Clear Cannabis Convictions

Code for America will partner with the office of San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón in using technology to automatically reduce marijuana convictions for city residents who are eligible under Proposition 64.
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May 3

Meet the Los Angeles Power Team of Tech Leaders

Four members of Mayor Eric Garcetti's IT leadership team discuss the growing importance of data-driven city government and the projects that make the city a tech innovator.
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Apr 10

SF's New Tax Website Saved Time, Hastened Payments

San Francisco collected as much as $241 million in property tax revenue in less than two weeks during December -- 11 times what was collected during the same period the previous year. So what changed? The city opened a portal that allowed users to do most, if not all, of their tax business online. In the fall the city went live with a new portal that allowed users to do most, if not all, of their tax business online.
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Apr 5

Pioneering Chief Innovation Officer Leaving San Leandro

San Leandro's chief innovation officer, Deborah Acosta, is leaving local government this month to lead a for-profit women’s entrepreneurship incubator aimed at closing the gender gap in Silicon Valley.
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Mar 29

LA May Study Citywide Broadband Network

A Los Angeles City Council member has introduced a motion to study the feasibility of a municipal broadband network that would provide at-cost high-speed Internet to the city's businesses and residents.
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Mar 19

SF Innovation Chief Steps Down; Deputy CIO Steps Up

San Francisco Chief Innovation Officer Jay Nath, a key architect of its groundbreaking Startup in Residence (STiR) program, has left City Hall to focus more exclusively on leading the fast-growing civic-tech sector collaboration, now in its fourth year.
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Feb 9

SF Has IT Jobs; Oakland Launches Tech Lab

News from the Bay Area: San Francisco is looking to hire tech engineers and a product manager, while Oakland's Civic Design Lab gets up and running.
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Feb 6

LA's Garcetti on Award-Winning Data-Driven Governance

When Bloomberg Philanthropies’ What Works Cities program handed out its first-ever certifications in January, Los Angeles was the only city in the country to receive gold, with eight others just behind it, earning silver.
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Dec 15

Palo Alto CIO Begins New Technologist Recruitment Strategy

The city of Palo Alto's CIO Jonathan Reichental has launched a video series to recruit new government technologists. Dubbed Technology and Data Careers in Government, installments in this series are one hour long.
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Nov 28

Code for America Adds Sacramento to GetCalFresh

Developers announced last week that they have expanded the breadth of GetCalFresh's availability to Sacramento County. The free nonprofit service aims to help eligible Californians apply for the state’s food stamps program. This brings to 21 the number of California's 58 counties using GetCalFresh.
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