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Nov 10

Market Outlook: Healthy IT Spend Still Driving Innovation Insider

Nov 2

CIO: We Have RFPs and We Need Project Managers, Business Analysts Insider

Oct 11

Virtual Briefing: LADWP CIO Predicts Need for More Tech Insider

Sep 15

3 CIOs Weigh In On Tech, RFPs and Vendors Insider

Aug 10

CIO to Vendors: Call Me and Let's Talk

The CIO of the Los Angeles County Parks and Recreation Department has some projects on the horizon — and some advice — that will make savvy vendors sit up and take notice. Here are the takeaways from the Techwire virtual briefing with Mohammed Al Rawi.
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Mar 14

New Director Named to Office of Systems Integration Insider

Mar 13

Social Services CIO's Priorities: Respect, Adapt, Innovate Insider

Mar 12

Caltrans Hiring to Include IT Positions Insider

Mar 9

State Seeking to Fill Key IT Positions Insider

Mar 8

Governance: Guidance for and from State IT Leaders Insider

Mar 5

Strategic Plans: 'Need Buy-in at Every Level' Insider

Mar 2

IT Chiefs: Mission, Not Details, Should Drive Governance Insider

Mar 1

AIO on Mentoring: 'Include Them in Your Journey' Insider

Feb 28

Legacy vs. Modern: A Delicate Balance for CIOs

Driving tech innovation in state government while keeping legacy systems operating through the transition is a tightrope, and that balancing act can be particularly vexing for CIOs.
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Feb 27

Earthquake Tech: Finding Fault Is Only the Beginning

Feb 27

Taborda Announces New EVP, Owner Insider

Feb 26

Anti-Fraud Firm Seeks Data Scientists, IT Experts, Sales Execs Insider

Feb 21

CalPERS Veteran is Agency's New CIO Insider

Feb 21

CIO: 'We’re Talking About a Sub-$100 Solution!'

Feb 20

Applications Closed for CIO Position Insider

Feb 16

Emerging Tech Fund Adds 6 to Board

The California Emerging Technology Fund, a nonprofit that advocates for expansion of broadband as a means of closing the “digital divide,” has added six new seats to its board of directors, bringing the total to 14 board members plus the president.
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Feb 14

Brown's Proposed Budget Ripe with IT Opportunities Insider

Feb 7

DGS Honors 10 With Value Awards

The state Department of General Services has honored 10 employees for exemplifying the department's values, and each was honored with a plaque and a short video.
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Feb 6

Pondera Adds Veteran IT Exec to Board

Pondera Solutions announces the addition of a second independent board member, veteran IT executive Mike Borman. Pondera founder and CEO Jon Coss says Borman's experience will propel Pondera's growth in its niche — delivering solutions targeting waste, fraud and abuse in government contracting.
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Feb 1

CDT Annual Report Hits Familiar Themes Insider