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At EY, we help governments create new ways of working, with the aim of achieving better outcomes for our communities and better experiences for government employees. We deliver integrated capabilities (digital, financial, supply chain, change and performance management to name a few) that are required to address the most pressing challenges in the public sector. We do this by:

* Modernizing public sector organizations through transformation by design

* Building trust into the foundation of every government agency by providing Cybersecurity, Third Party Risk Management, GRC Technology Enablement, Identity & Access Management, and Regulations and Compliance services

* Identifying business, economic, and operational related risks with a client’s ecosystem of business relationships across six disciplines (financial, technical, supply chain, cyber, regulatory, and geopolitical) to provide a multi-dimensional view of threats and potential mitigation strategies

* Supporting agencies improve public services through the redesign and adoption of digital public experience and improved digital services

* Grants management operations to help agencies improve the efficiency of managing grants and loan programs and to drive greater outcomes and impact from program investments

We are committed to protecting our nation and serving our people; increasing public safety; improving healthcare for our military, our veterans and our communities; delivering essential public services; and helping those in need.

EY is ready to help our government build a better working world.

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