Tuesday October 20th 2020

SLED Dynatrace Webinar

Are you struggling with a mix of legacy infrastructure, multiple new cloud platforms, distributed applications, and a plethora of monitoring tools generating data that seems to create more complexity than they simplify? You are not alone!

Kovarus and Dynatrace invites you to join a discussion focused on:
  • Increasing agility through unified, full-stack monitoring and management of applications and infrastructure across hybrid multi-cloud deployments
  • Accelerating DevOps and CI/CD pipelines to release higher quality software at speed and scale
  • Collaborating with 3rd party application development teams to quantify code quality before release into production
  • Understanding and quantifying citizen experiences when prioritizing incidents, problems and new feature adoption
  • Modernizing operations and service management through Dynatrace and ServiceNow integration
You will walk away understanding how Kovarus and Dynatrace are helping companies address the challenges of business today.

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