Tuesday April 21st 2020

In the current working landscape, many organizations already have flexible workplace practices in place, allowing employees to work from home remotely to improve the work-life balance of employees in line with business goals. New generations of the workforce such as Millennials and Gen Z’ers also expect their workplaces to offer flexible working.

There may also be other circumstances where companies must implement a work-from-home policy as a necessity, such as the current coronavirus concerns around the world and employees have been told to stay home.

How then can employers support and virtually manage their remote workers? In turn, how do employees remain productive while working from home without access to their usual office setup?

Join Kiefer partner, Nintex, for this brief and informative webinar that highlights how organizations are enabling productivity for remote workers. See how you can ensure employee productivity, even when operating during a crisis.

These best practices can also be implemented more widely beyond the current coronavirus outbreak and sets up your organizations to be ready for the future of work.

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