Tuesday August 4th 2020

Many Universities have diverse user populations. Just think of all the attributes, roles and access needed for undergrad and graduate students, facility, teachers, university hospitals or healthcare systems, and more. This complex network of users, admins, and accounts requires a complete Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution that protects and manages the many different types of privileged accounts within the Higher Ed system.

That’s why one University turned to BeyondTrust to enforce true “least privilege” with a model that ensures users, processes, applications, systems, etc. have “just enough” privileged access when needed, and for the least amount of time needed.

Join Chris Stucker, Associate Director for Identity and Access Management, University of Utah, as he shares his experience around a JIT PAM implementation and Universal Privilege Management (UPM) approach to security. Chris will discuss how JIT PAM:

• Dramatically improves productivity across the university security and IT teams
• Helps to mitigate internal & external threats
• Enables remote employees and students to stay productive & secure during the pandemic and beyond
• Is helping to shape a strategic plan for the University’s cybersecurity future

Register today to reserve your seat: https://www.beyondtrust.com/resources/webcasts/how-a-major-university-is-leveraging-just-in-time-privilege-access-management-to-mitigate-risk

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