Tuesday March 2nd 2021
How to Ensure School Safety When Reopening

This 30 minute webinar will cover:

Mass Notification for Safety
-How to quickly and effectively activate a Lockdown
-Communicate in an emergency using prerecorded or live messages
-Send alerts to multiple devices with a single point of activation
-Share critical updates
-Check on employees' well being
-Be more effective and leverage multiple communication channels - send updates via SMS, mobile app, desktop pop-ups and collaboration spaces.
-Mitigate spread of disease, pre-screen students and staff prior to arrival
-Quickly communicate new policies: mandatory mask, encouraged social distancing, temperature checks, new classrooms, schedules
-Broadcast health and safety reminders throughout the day over on-premise infrastructure (speakers, desktop computers, digital signage)
-What if someone tests positive? Mass notifications share information about how the school is handling the situation.

A Plan for the Future
-A safety and security platform for emergency management, active shooter events, natural disasters.