Wednesday July 29th 2020
Sacramento, CA / Remote

To register, please contact, 916-449-3902 .

This course includes hands-on lab exercises using demo pods that have been designed for you to explore VxRail and vSAN management capabilities. This solutions-oriented training is designed for end-user DC Architects and Senior Engineers who are responsible for developing data center solutions that span compute, network, and storage.


Instructor-Led Lectures


Self-Pace vLabs


The VxRail Workshop will cover:

  1. Dell EMC HCI : Even if you aren’t building a cloud now, starting with HCI to modernize your data center is a great first step to future proof your organization 
  2. VMware SDDC and Multi Cloud Vision: VMware Cloud and Cloud Foundation 
  3. vSAN 201
  4. VxRail Overview and Differentiation
  • Hyperconverged OS, VxRail Manager, LCM, API’s, ESRS, other included software
  • Data Protection Overview 
  • Licensing
  • Single vendor Support 
  • Hardware options including Intel (SSDs, NVMe, Optane)
  1. Networking of VxRail and Benefits of SmartFabric Services
  2. Solutions Deployment Options and Use Cases
  3. Deployment


  • Lab 1: Getting started
  • Lab 2: Cluster Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Lab 3: Cluster Expansion (Scaling Out)
  • Lab 4: Lifecycle Management (LCM)

 *max seats = 18