Thursday May 21st 2020
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Come learn the ABCs and 1-2-3’s of XDR:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Expert Analytics - correlation and analytics across security layers means fewer, high fidelity alerts and faster, earlier detection.
  • Beyond the Endpoint - 94% of malware infections come from email (#1 attack vector). XDR connects events across email, endpoint, server, cloud workloads and network that seem benign on their own but represent a meaningful IOC.
  • Complete Visibility - single console with one source for prioritized alerts, fed by tools that are designed to work together with guided investigation, to help you “connect the dots.”
  • 1 platform for Endpoint and Email Security
  • 2 ways to Buy 
  • 3 hours to Deploy, Provision and Configure


Endpoint and Email Protection - SLP Plus SKU One Pager

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Hosted by your Sacramento-based team from Trend Micro and Taborda Solutions.