Tuesday September 29th 2020

Over the years, government agencies have invested in mainframe technologies for mission-critical applications, including applications that provide vital services to citizens. Advances in technology and changing economic models have made transitioning to cloud services a compelling value proposition, providing government agencies with advantages in cost, flexibility, and application maintenance and development.

Hear from Microsoft's top mainframe migration thought leaders on the technical details and key benefits of migrating from legacy mainframe technologies.

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • Innovations in mainframe modernization.
  • Meeting state regulatory compliance needs.
  • Mainframe migration scenarios.
  • Cost reduction and return on investment.
  • Proof points, post-migration modernization, and building business value.

Join Microsoft's top mainframe migration thought leaders for this important webinar, and jump-start your organization's journey to the Azure cloud.

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Bring your mainframe applications to an agile cloud platform to run them securely and reduce your Infrastructure costs. Modernize with ease and without abandoning the applications you rely on by running your mainframe applications on Azure.