Thursday December 3rd 2020

In 2020, state and local government leaders have been navigating unprecedented challenges affecting every aspect of public service delivery. Communities need to be supported, agencies need to provide employees with remote work capabilities, and residents are relying on consistent access to government services during the pandemic recovery. Efficient, cost-effective cloud services and innovation have never been more important to government agencies to address rapidly changing needs.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the priorities to deliver new services as well as addressing budget and economic challenges have become paramount for government IT. At this virtual event, you’ll learn about how other state and local government organizations are using technology to address current and future challenges, and to respond, recover, and reimagine government services.

If you’re in an IT or developer role and are thinking about how to deliver services, enable remote work, and drive innovation within your government operations, while lowering cost and overhead, then this event is for you. We’re looking forward to sharing more with you on December 3.



Time Title Speaker(s)
10:00 AM Welcome Michelle Li
10:00 AM – 10:10 AM State and Local Government: Building Resilience Jamie Harper
Vice President, Education, Microsoft
10:10 AM – 10:25 AM Challenge of a Lifetime: Secure, Safe, and Equitable Vaccine Distribution Dr. David Rhew
Global Chief Medical Officer and Vice President, Microsoft
10:25 AM – 10:35 AM Enabling Remote Work Across Agencies Angel M. Taylor
IT Business Operations Manager, Georgia Office of the State Treasurer

Kyle Blagg
Senior Surface Specialist, Microsoft
10:35 AM- 10:37 AM Driving Efficiencies with Public Safety & Justice Michael Mattmiller
Government Affairs Director, Microsoft
10:37 AM – 10:47 AM Enable your Workforce: Skilling for the 21st Century Jake Hirsch-Allen
North America Workforce Development, Higher Ed System Lead, LinkedIn Learning
10:47 AM – 10:51 AM Reducing Fraud, Waste & Abuse Pondera + State of Nevada
10:51 AM – 11:01 AM Modernizing Transportation Infrastructure Eric Jorgensen
Motor Vehicle Division Director, Arizona Department of Transportation
11:01 AM – 11:11 AM Accessibility for all: a Case Study Jon Kirkham
Chief Information Officer, CA Department of Rehabilitation
11:11 AM- 11:21 AM Technology to Drive Sustainability Lindsay DeMarzo
Sustainability & Stormwater Programs Manager, Howard County, Maryland
11:21AM – 11:36 AM GitHub and Azure, Better Together Tanner Hogan
SLG Account Executive, GitHub

Eric Johnson
Senior Solutions Engineer, GitHub
11:36 AM – 11:51 AM Cybersecurity and Risk: Securing Remote Work Dean Iacovelli
Director- Secure Enterprise, Microsoft

Andreae Pohlman
Enterprise Security Executive, Microsoft
11:51 AM – 12:00 PM Close and Next Steps James Collins