Tuesday February 23rd 2021

As a state or local government municipality, you meet the needs of a variety of different customers including citizens, businesses, services, and your internal employees. You are constantly challenged by understanding this customer data and turning it into valuable information for making key decisions. But, this data is often of little use in developing impactful policies because it exists in silos. You’re forced to depend on historical expenditures, bumping up your budget by whatever that number is—3, 5, 10 percent—hoping you’ll continue to see some positive outcomes. That’s not an effective way to manage funds.

For example, could you address green initiatives by focusing on health outcomes, marrying Medicaid with green initiative data—and vice versa? It is possible, by breaking down those data silos.

In this informational webinar, learn how you can leverage Microsoft’s Customer Insights | Microsoft Dynamics 365 to do just that!


Tuesday, February 23rd

11 AM PST  

Together, we’ll cover:

  • Mapping and matching data to merge records into a single “pane of glass”
  • Creating workflows to take immediate action on collected data
  • Demonstrating seamless integration to Microsoft Power Platform for actionable intelligence
  • Delving into specific government use cases related to how your municipality connects with its citizens, businesses, services, and internal employees

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