Thursday June 11th 2020

The shift to cloud-first and remote working has had its watershed moment, and the government workforce is no exception. Keeping remote workers secure outside the traditional network perimeter requires the network to follow the user and their multiple devices anywhere, anytime. Fortunately, innovative new solutions are available that move network security to the cloud, so users and devices are protected regardless of their location.

On June 11, Government Technology is bringing together a panel of experts to discuss this new approach to security that allows agencies to focus less on data breaches and advanced threats and more on adjusting to our new normal. You don’t want to miss this timely webcast where you will also learn:

  • How the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) used this approach to secure a remote workforce and keep services running to its 650,000 customers in the Sacramento County area
  • Why the defacto remote work from home solution, traditional VPN, heightens security risks
  • How government agencies can most effectively deliver advanced threat and breach detection

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