Tuesday February 9th 2021

HSB Solutions is a strategic partner of Pure Storage, and together we hold the mandatory "Enterprise Technology" contract for the State of California. This vehicle makes the acquisition of Pure Storage technology easy for any public sector entity in the entire State.


Please join us as we discuss the Evolution of Pure Storage and advancements in technology we've made over the years. During this time, we will discuss:

- Gartner's Magic Quadrant - See why Pure took the lead for Primary Storage Arrays.
- FlashArray //C (C is for "Capacity") - No more cheap/deep spinning disk needed.
- File on //C and //X - FlashArray is no longer just about block workloads.
- Pure as-a-Service - A cloud experience that's easy to get in, get out.
- FlashBlade - Scale out and object storage has come a long way.