Tuesday November 17th 2020
Virtual (via Zoom)

Another Cybersecurity Bootcamp from West Advanced Technologies, Inc (WATI).

A free event.     Spread over 3 days.     90 minutes each day.

A wonderful opportunity to keep yourself updated with the latest cybersecurity insights, trends, and in-depth analysis from the industry’s certified and top cybersecurity experts.

      Key Takeaways

  • Get to know the key features, use cases, and best practices concerning cybersecurity.
  • Understand the current landscape of attack vectors through live-practical demonstrations.
  • Insight into methods of mitigation for popular attacks.
  • Opportunity to meet the industry experts, who answer your questions in live sessions.
  • You’ll receive a Certificate of Participation from West Advanced Technologies, Inc.



    15+ TOPICS


     LIVE Q&A





Day 1  - Modern Credential Thefts (90 min)

November 17, 2020 @11am PST: This module serves as a lynchpin for the activities of the entire program and offers insight into modern vectors that attackers use to compromise credentials. We will demonstrate how such attacks are staged along with how people fall victim to this threat.

Day 2 - The Human Angle (90 min)

November 18, 2020 @11am PST: This module covers the attacks that exploit human tendencies and trick someone into divulging information, usually through compromised technology. These include convincingly pretending to be someone or impersonating a government official to reveal sensitive information.

Day 3 - Advanced Threats (90 Min)

November 19, 2020 @11am PST: This module illuminates upon threat actors that are well-funded and unrelenting, whose primary aim is data theft rather than disruption. We will be diving deep into the methods and tools that are employed by these entities. We will also detail the possible mitigation steps that can be taken against them.




Vino leads WATI's cybersecurity team across all engagements, including VA/PT, DevSecOps, Managed Services, and BootCamps. Vino is a certified cybersecurity professional and one of most recognized and accomplished cybersecurity experts. He has immensely contributed to the security of cyberspace by assisting countless corporations and governmental organizations. Today, Vino is a regular speaker at major conferences like ISACA and (ISC)2. He has conducted several cybersecurity conferences for practicing professionals, ethical hacking aspirants, and students. Vino currently holds 13 world records for conducting the largest information security gathering for the longest duration.



Curated from the pressing issues spanning information security, this event is ideal for the C-suite executives, government employees, CISOs, IT managers, team members of security organizations, engineers, systems/network/databases administrators, architects, developers, and anyone looking to equip themselves for the current cybersecurity landscape.






WATI, an ISO-27001 company, offers Cybersecurity services including Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, DevSecOps, Managed Security Services, Risk & Compliance Services, Advisory Services, and Training. Our team members carry several industry leading professional certifications like CEH, CISSP, CISA, CISM, GWAPT, CHFI, CPTE, Security+, CWNA, and OSCP.