Wednesday July 22nd 2020


The federal government responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by enacting multiple laws, including the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act ("CARES Act"), appropriating over $2 trillion for assistance and economic support.

OpenGov is bringing together a panel of customers to share how they are using and deploying CARES Act funding for mission-critical software to:
1) distribute grants, reopen restaurants and restart their economy
2) modernize budgeting and planning
3) expedite resident services with cloud-based ERP

We'll discuss how:
The State of Idaho is defining reimbursable expenses to include upgrades to technology that enable its towns, cities, and counties to come back better and stronger

Middlesex County, NJ uses CARES Act funding to invest in virtual workflow software that enables more efficient grants distribution to restart small businesses

How you can modernize your government with Budgeting & Planning and ERP Suite upgrades

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