Tuesday April 13th 2021
Webinar: How to Smarten Up Your Internet Pipes
The Orchestra Conductor of Internet Traffic (aka SD-WAN)

Traditional network architectures weren’t built to handle the workloads and complexities of most digital transformation initiatives. More troubling is that operations-critical services such as VoIP and Zoom can be compromised. 

Join us for this 30 minute webinar to learn about SD-WAN (software-defined WAN).  Here are give ways this complicated-sounding acronym can help organizations like yours:

Improve performance by prioritizing critical internet traffic and real-time services like VoIP and Zoom and steer it over the most efficient route.

Boost security with integrated security features like encryption and sandboxing that prevent data loss and downtime.

Lower complexity and give your IT team a break by simplifying the WAN infrastructure.
Enable cloud usage and allow workers to directly access cloud applications from anywhere without burdening the network with additional traffic.

Reduce costs by leveraging low cost local internet access, providing direct cloud access and reducing the amount of traffic over the WAN.