Tuesday August 28th 2018
Raley Field
400 Ballpark Drive
Sacramento, California 95691
In a constantly evolving technological landscape, it is increasingly difficult for agencies to effectively support their end users. At it’s core, this challenge is the result of not having enough internal resources to keep up with demand. Operations teams are understaffed, and have to manually maintain large infrastructures. Development teams are slowed down by code that stops working for unknown reasons. Management has to commit significant resources on putting out the largest fire, which makes innovation nearly impossible.
Government needs a way to break this cycle. Infrastructure needs to be maintainable in a consistent, and automated fashion. Applications need to be robust, and easily scalable. All of this needs to be affordable, and properly supported.
Presentation starts at 4:00 PM.
Sacramento River Cats vs Albuquerque game starts at 7:00 PM.