Tuesday October 16th 2018
Mulvaney’s B & L Next Door
1215 19th Street
Sacramento, CA 95811

The benefits of cloud migration, including significant reduction in IT spend, are attractive to many public sector organizations. But some state and local government IT leaders struggle to advance their cloud initiatives as quickly as they would like. Amazon Web Services (AWS) Managed Services augments in-house IT teams and speeds up cloud adoption by taking full responsibility for successful operational, security, and compliance outcomes for AWS infrastructure. 

Amazon Managed Services (AMS) will host a presentation featuring a practical guide for “insourcing” cloud expertise with AWS Managed Services, as well as real-life stories from public sector customers who have used AMS to accelerate migration.

  • Learn how the City of Oakland leveraged AWS and AMS to bypass 10 years of technical debt.
  • Discover the ways in which AMS can save some customers 70% on their infrastructure operations costs.


To register please email rickear@amazon.com