Tuesday June 26th 2018

In March, OIS established the California Cybersecurity Maturity Metrics to objectively measure the effectiveness of each Agency/state entity’s cybersecurity program and promote better efficiencies, visibility and decision-making.

Per Technology Letter 18-01, The maturity metrics cover foundational elements common among successful cybersecurity programs such as policy, system categorization, and governance. These metrics will allow Agencies/state entities to better evaluate the effectiveness of their budgeted cybersecurity resource allocations and capture objective data points. Cybersecurity maturity scores are weighted and scored based on a “0” (low program maturity) to “4” (high program maturity) scale.

Identity Governance, which includes Identity Management, Access Management, and Privileged Management, plays a larger role in the latest NIST Cybersecurity Framework 1.1 version consequently Identity Governance plays an impactful role in improving your Cybersecurity Maturity Metrics Score. This webinar is presented by One Identity, a 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant LEADER, for Identity Governance & Administration. Please join us at 10am on June 26th and see how One Identity can improve your score!