Tuesday May 23rd 2017

Even the most sophisticated adversaries know it’s far easier to steal credentials and use them for covert activities than it is to locate a zero-day vulnerability in an external-facing system. Plus, since attackers will take the easiest path, most breaches still rely on stolen credentials.

Join the FBI and our own Unit 42 threat intelligence team as they present their insightful perspective on the cyberthreat landscape in 2017, with an emphasis on credential-based attacks and phishing. In addition to presenting their unique attack lifecycle, they will:

  • Identify trends and techniques in methods used for credential theft and abuse.
  • Review how cybercriminals have changed their tactics to compromise networks.
  • Examine who is being targeted, and why.
  • Discuss techniques to stop credential leakage.
  • Review the FBI’s role in combating this destructive attack.

Defending against cyberattacks is tough enough, especially when attackers pose as authenticated users on your network.

Join the FBI and Palo Alto Networks® Unit 42 to learn what to do when you discover intruders on your network, and how to prevent their attacks from succeeding