Tuesday January 23rd 2018
Hyatt Regency Sacramento
1209 L Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

Today’s data is often buried in disconnected, purpose-specific information silos such as relational databases, COTS, PDF, and other file systems making it difficult to pull together disparate data for a 360-degree view. This process is not only costly, but time consuming. Imagine how your agency could revolutionize efficiency, performance, operations and citizen responsiveness, as well as respond to policy changes if it became faster and easier to integrate – and use all your data.

A new, more effective approach to data Integration for faster time to data is possible. MarkLogic’s next-generation database simplifies integration of multi-structured data, ensures data security, and accelerates development and deployment of your mission’s most critical applications for agile business delivery.

Join us in Sacramento on Tuesday January 23rd for our Database Technology Forum and you will learn:

  • How government agencies have solved the operational data integration challenges
  • How integrating data such as PII, PHI and sensitive data can be done more efficiently and securely
  • How data security advances data sharing
  • How a multi-model database platform can modernize agile development in a climate of continued change