Thursday March 19th 2020
City Club LA, 51st Floor
555 Flower St
Los Angeles, CA 90071

The shift to a digital world — from traditional brick and mortar — is redefining jobs and commerce. Interactions and engagement occur independent of location. Mainstreet is only a click away. And the most talented individuals and companies flourish any-and-everywhere. This is creating major disruptions to everyone’s status quo. But disruption brings opportunity.

The cities, counties, and states that thrive in this environment will be the ones that embrace the tenets of Customer Experience (CX) to create a structure that is customer-obsessed at every level. From trash collection to public transit and government websites, residents expect experiences that rival the best of the private sector.

Join Forrester’s experts for an exclusive breakfast event to learn how to build better experiences that power success and maximize resources. During keynotes, a panel discussion and networking, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Learn how investments in CX drive success for government agencies.
  • Understand how to make creating experience that are easy, efficient, and emotionally fulfilling your north star.
  • Assess your current customer-obsession and organizational maturity.
  • Develop high level IT strategies that maximize your current capabilities and resources. Good CX comes with operational excellence as well as digital engagement.

*Please note: the event is intended for practitioners at State, Local and Federal agencies.